It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…


So I spent the last two days trying to take a friend’s advice. “Quit feeling sorry for yourself and write something interesting.” He was a little more tactful than that, but I got the message.

I did try, honest. He even gave me a good jumping-off point: my original mission statement for the Situational Midwifery blog–a soapbox about things encountered as a midwife. The things that piss me off about women’s health care. About how nothing has changed much under the sun. How women and their problems are often blamed for, well, women and their problems.

I’ve got half a lifetime’s worth of subject matter, but right now that’s not not exactly what’s rising to the top. Go ahead and look forward to future harangues, but for now they’ll be about my own stuff.

Participation is optional. Nobody is required to read a blog. I haven’t been a professional writer for more than half a lifetime now, so for all I know, it’s crap. Or it’s crap to men, or it’s crap to folks who haven’t faced something similar. I’m ashamed to say I’m one of those. I got so tired of my mother’s crying jags and worries and photos of grotesque surgeries that I was nowhere near as sympathetic as I might have been. At 15 years old. So I understand that point of view, too.

So read on, or not. Part of what I’m learning these days is to stand up for myself. My friend has given me yet another opportunity to do so, even though I’m afraid he’ll take this the wrong way. If I never hear from him again my husband (who loves this guy), will be really pissed. Then I’ve got two problems.

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  1. I concur with Kim, you write and I’ll read whatever you want to share. There’s no right or wrong way to write your thoughts in a blog. 🙂

  2. Being a midwife, or maybe just being an unseasoned one, is emotional work.

    Yes, yes, it’s brain work, and surprisingly physical too, so go ahead and write about those when you’re moved to do so, but I would be honored to read about what is going on emotionally for you too. The CA journey or the midwifey journey. Same same. How do you get cracked open by a joyful birth or terrible demise and then return home without dragging that along? How do you have your own personal shit show when you’ve learned to be a container for other people’s drama?

    So…yeah… More whatever! 🙂

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